National Freedom Day


Journey For Freedom

Author/Speaker:  Peter Vodenka

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
National Freedom Day

6:30 PM
Hilltop Hall, Montgomery

In June of 1983, my wife and I, along with our four-year old daughter and two-year old son, defected from behind the Iron Curtain of communist Czechoslovakia. In the middle of a cold, rainy night, we ran for our lives across the border from communist Yogoslavia to western Austria while being chased by guards with automatic weapons. We had spent 10 years planning our escape. We had not told our families of our plan, and left them and everything we owned behind

Join us to hear about Peter's escape, his beginnings in America and his appreciation for the FREEDOMS and OPPORTUNITIES he found in the United States and listen as he explains the values America can provide that have changed his life. 

Freewill donations will be gratefully accepted. 

Sponsored by: Montgomery-Lonsdale Community Ed. & Arts & Heritage Center of Montgomery